Importance of Poker Chips Weight For Your Poker Set

When looking for a poker education, one comes across the factor of poker chips weight. Understanding about poker chips weight will allow you to make more informed decisions when purchasing a poker set.

The first question is, what do casinos use? What is the weight in the top poker communities in the world? The standard that casinos use is usually 8.5g, and go up to 10.5g. There are several reasons why these heavier weights are used.

In most department stores, you will find that the poker chips weight in most poker sets is very light. These chips are very cheaply made, and as a result of their lack of strength, they lack durability. They will not last you a very long time, and if you get them in a set, they completely lack professionalism. Another reason why you want to stay away from light chips is they are simply not comfortable to play with. Because of the poker chips‘ weight, they tend to lack the firmness that is crucial.

This brings us to why a heavier weight is very important. It provides the very important factor of durability. You want your chips to last, and not die on you after a few weeks. The heavier the poker chips, the more durable. To get the most durability and quality for your set, you want to look for a weight of 9.5 grams or higher. In addition, the heavier chips weight allows for much more comfortable play, as the handling becomes that much more comfortable.

In general, the most popular weight for a poker set tends to be 9.5-11.5 grams. One more thing to consider is that as weight increases, so does price, due to the increase in quality, and the fact that a low weight means cheap manufacturing, as they are usually made out of plastic. The heavier chips are made out of ceramic, clay, which is more expensive material in general.

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